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>> good morning. >> welcome to fox 58 morning news. -- fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes. did you enjoy your first days of school? like the first day. >> ihe did. i was in the country and i wanted to get to civilization and get to see the other students. >> i give it a thumbs down. >> i did, too. >> summertime or going to school. >> i was all about that. plus i wanted to see the girls, too. let's get to the root of the matter. no girls in my neighborhood. >> i could see girls in the summertime. he was so far removed. >> i was isolated.sola >> that makes sense. let's good to the maps. 66 at reagan national this morning. hopefully nobody going to the airport on the way to scoosmm we're comfortable. in good shape here. fog developing across northern
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virginia. that might be an issue in a few spots. otherwise a partly to mostly cloudy day. periods of sunshine early. the possibility of shower activity will be back. b best chance later this afternoon and widely scattered. not nearly as much rain as well did yesterday. with a little bit of sunshine we warm up to the low 80s today.. warmer than yesterday and some sun with afternoon showers developing. and we've got a warming trend the next couple of days. it's going to feel like summer than fall weather. not going to feel like summer. m >> we'll check in with jewely wright now -- jewelry wright -- julie wright now. she has a back-to-school look going with a hair cut. >> that's how you know you arere going back to school the hair cut? [laughter] >> yes. >> all the fall wardrobe is
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coming out. >> i used to hate it because bec your parents buy you those fall clothes and you can't wear them. because it's 80s. >> lanes open between college park and bethesda. there's a change in the traffic patterns, volume that is with w the kids going back to school. h keep your eyes open for yelloweo buses this morning and little ones kicking it at the bus stopp waiting for the bus. so far no issues on 95 and 395 traveling between the occoquan o and pentagon.n. that's a check of your traffic. >> thanks. t whether they like it oar not -- or not it's back-to-school for students. it's the first i did on the job for the new prince grg's county superintendent. dr. kevin maxwell was hand picked to prince george's county.
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he purchasely served as a teacher, principal and administrator in the system.yste we'll have more on the first day of school. calling all high school fashionistas we want to see the stylish outfits you are wearing. you are first because today iss your first day. take a pic and twees us your back-to-school selfie. you can tweet us @myfoxdc and include the #selfie. >> jury selection set to begine in the trial of murder charged with murdering teen vanessa fham. investigators say garcia became enraged when fam took a wrong turn out of a fall's church
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shopping center and was high on pcp text cameras will be allowed in the fairfax county courtroomc for the first time in 20 years. attorneysattorneys for virginiar mcdonnell and his wife will try to convince prosecutors thes should not be charged in a gift investigation.inve he said he has not broken any laws and said paid back more than $120,000 in loans received from the company. c >> a military judge is hearing closing arguments in the sentencing part of the bradley manning trial. coget up to 90 years for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents. the judge, army colonel denise lynn said the leaks were a danger to others because of the heedless nature of manning's conduct. he was found guilty last month
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of espionage, theft and computer fraud. closing arguments set for 1:00 this afternoon.erno a new twist in the edward snowden affair this morning. a reporter for the guardianuard newspaper that first broke thehe story said his partner was detained in london.n. glenn greenwald is based in brazil and his parter was flying through and he was held.eld they questioned him for nine hours and never asked him about terrorism.oris greenwald said it's in retaliation for publishing the leaks from the national security agency. in charles county this morning the search is on for the driver involved in a hit and run. r >> the victim was in a wheelchair. this happened in waldorf at 11:30 saturday night. the victim was flown to prince george's hospital center and ata last word was in stable
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condition. witnesses say it was a white truck, possibly a ford, the right headlight was not working after the crash. if you have information in thist case the charles county sheriff's office wants to hear from you. we have an update on the two d.c. ambulance fires we told you about last week. it appears both were accidentala it's according to reports obtained by "the washington post". both were finished before the deputy mayor ordered police to investigate the fires.e the reports say the fires were likely caused by malfunctions on poorly done repairs. the police investigation intotin the fires is expected to take some time. >> another story were followingg this morning an emergency landing for a flight heading to bwi. find out what caused a scare inn the skies and what caused the t men to land. president obama back from vacation. we'll find out how he spent the last four hours of downtown before he returned to the white house. time now is 4:37. ♪
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>> back now. an ambush of too many buss in egypt todayoo has killed 25 off duty policemen. this comes after three members of muslim brotherhood were w killed sunday as they were transferred to a prison. p not sure what happened but they died while they tried to escape. besides it was relatively guy net cairo compared to last week. members of congress are split over whether the u.s. should cut off military aid to egypt and the european union is decided to meet on aide. aid >> president obama is back to the white house after a week long getaway in martha's vineyard. he kept a low profile on thee links playing with the president of the world bank, a top fund raiser and presidential aide. today it's back to work as he holds meetings with financial
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regulators. this morning we're waiting onre word on what w caused a jet blue plane headed to bwi to make an emergency landing.ding >> flight 827 touched down dow safely at philadelphia around 6:00 last night. none of 95 passengers and four crew members were hurt. witnesses say the crew smelled smoke in the cabin and made the emergency landing as a precaution. fox 5 spoke by phone to one of passengers, laura chase mcgee. is she's a freelance photographer after a wedding wed shoot in boston. >> i could smell smoke. i could not see it. they thought it smelled like a rubbery smoke. i the slides came out and i saws some exit from the wings of the plane. >> passengers were put on other plan planes to the area. >> crews in ohio are make ----
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i.d. reid making headway in a wildfire. the blaze has scorched nearly 160 square miles near the ski town of sun valley. v the fire is currently only 9% contained. >> miami dolphins they areolph heading to the white house this week but not the guys on this year's roster. >> coming up next details on a long overdue honor.onor first we check in with tucker barnes. >> wisdom, generally clear skies with fog across northern virginia. we have details.eta julie has your traffic after th break.  ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic.
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>> high drama between theh yankees and reddr sox.x. alex rodriguez got a ball throwr behind him and hit by a pitch in his first at-bat. yankee manager was irate thatrae the pitcher was not thrown out of the game. a-rod got the last word. yankees won 9-6. 9 you heard the boos from the crowd and the most wanted sign there. >> i'm not a fan -- i'm not a fan of a-rod because i know about the drama. but still this pitcher hittingii people at the plate with balls. >> it's out of control. >> it's ridiculous. it's silly.
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>> gets him all worked up. >> i'm with you. plus you hit somebody in the wrist you break it they are out for the season. >> the other side doesn't care. >> they don't care becausese there's no consequences. >> there's no consequences andsa if they could take them out forr the year it's easier on everybody else. >> sarah if you did that would you do that the first day of the season. you with throw pitches at everybody. >> the way it's going it's crazy. >> it's bad. >> heat is coming back. we're going to transition today about 80 and then back to near 90 by tomorrow. t we'll have a couple days ofs 90s for the middle of the week here. we've got temperatures on the upswing after a cool one yesterday. only 74 degrees yesterday. looking at our current conditions we're plenty comfortable out there. 60, 66 degrees in washington. 63 in leonardtown. quantico 63 degrees. deg fog here out to the south and
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west. less than a half mile in manassas and culpepper. 59 this morning in frederick.ree 59 in winchester as well. temperatures looking good. today is fine. we're up near 80. clouds in the forecast andnd potential for rain showers. here is a look at your radar. you can see we've got showers s off to the south and west. much of this won't get in here e but what is happening behind the area of low pressure fromom yesterday we have an upper level low coming through and that will increase the clouds around here and give aws i few scattered showers around here this afternoon. a few peeks of sunshine as the system moves on n. there's your look at satellite and radar and we should clear things outut tonight and get back to plenty of sunshine tomorrow with a cloudy day here. just a few scattered showers are back. bac winds out the south at 5-10. showers let me emphasize won't be as numerous as yesterday. widely scattered.
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patchy fog will develop late. there's your accuweather seven day forecast. 90 wednesday, thursday and we'll probably get close to 90 on on friday before a cold front cools us down and brings in less humidity for the weekend. sort of a return for summer timi after taking a couple weeks off. looks like summer here for the week. >> thank you, tucker. >> i missed you he at the montgomery county fair. >>man! >> got so much to go before school. >> but you missed ride the freakout. >> i know.w. >> the freakout? >> that's what it's called. c it spindz you around and bringsb you back down. >> and you freakout? >> i didn't i had fun. i don't do rides anyway, julie. it doesn't matter. sometimes it's about the kids, wisdom. [laughter] eastbound 66 before the reach the beltway here ate nutley street the accident activity had traffic scweedzing by to the
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right. keep your eyes peeled for this coming inbound between 123 and nutley street for the crash. not a lot of volume there yet. traveling northbound 395 across the 14th street bridge.e. light traffic volume here continues to the southeast southwest freeway coming inbound. overnight construction was set up between new hampshire avenue and coalsville road with the left lane getting by. beltway running smoothly eachach way here at 414 no problems to o report to and from the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> the redskins host the steelers tonight at fed-ex field. a lot of eyes on the secondary of the defense. redskins drafted two safeties and a quarterback but thomas tho went become with a season endine foot injury. looks like the safety rambo will
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get the start this evening. hall, and others, the defensive coordinator said the secondary is in good hands with fiery db coach morris at the >>s he was a rah-rah yell it guy. the players like that everybody is different. dif i like rahim's steel. i think he's into it. he likes the players. pla he understands the scheme and gets most out of these guys. >> we come out, have fun and compete against each other.ea we developch a brotherhood of m. you go out there and play the t game and find ways to win. that's the bottom line and it's just what we do every single day and that's what i do. it's a ball! >> you can catch the preseason home opener on our sphr station at 8:00 tonight. we'll have a live preview tonight. metro is staying open one hourou
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late to accommodate the crowds heading home from fed-ex field.e the only undefeated team in nfl history will be honored at theon white house.use. >> they'll meet with president t obama tomorrow.orro the team never made it to washington in the months following the super bowl victory because of president nixon'sixon involvement in the watergate scandal. never too late. >> ive wonder why now after all these years and all these presidents. there you go. >> what makes a car worth more m than $27 million? it's a ferrari to start. s >> oh, my goodness. >> the base price there shoots up quite a bit. there's another reason why itasn sold for a high price. >> first, can't put your smartphone. there's a good reason why you might want to take a break. your eyes may thank you. we'll tell but that when we come back. time now is 4:51. fox 5 morning news back in a moment. ♪
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[ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love. ♪ find your favorite cheerios flavors. available at target. ♪ get up >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it's a little james brown. >> get up it's time for zool. >> that's right get up! it's time to put your phone down. british researchers say the timt looking at your smart phone ishe bad for your vision. that explains a lot. people hold their cell phones ph eight inches away which is twici as close as a magazine. because of that they believe it can cause people to be more nearsighted. scientists claim there's been a 35% increase since the launch of smart phones in 1997. >> eyes are capable of taking
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that strain. it's just for how long. what they tried to do, we feel sometimes it becomes a little more nearsighted. it's harder to see far away and eedzer to read up close. take a break. after reading take a 20 second break, look far away and blink. >> the study said the biggestst rise is among children and young adults thank explins a lot. >> maybe i need to get my eyes checked. what does this say? >> is think we all do. >> downsizing your living spaceg can be a smart move for you especially in a place where rent is sky-high. >> we're talking about large cities. fox's matt king shows us why it's catching on. >> the walls have desks and closets and beds in the microapartment on display at the museum of new york city. >> you can see how light it is.
4:55 am
>> the design director for much of the apartment's furniture spent the night in the 325 325 square foot section of museum with herp girlfriend lena -- with her girlfriend lena franco. >> not as bad as you would think. they turned the lights on this morning. >> they ruled this space too small for occupancy. they hope to show city housing h code is wrong if we build a smaller >> everything hales a use. everything changes into something else.meth >> part james bond gadget, parts transformer, nothing in the microapartment is exactly what w it seems. everything folds or slides to reveal something else. >> this is how you reach the upper storage. >> it looks sleek but they admia a space this small requires neat tenants. >> you have to be an organized person to make it work. >> that may turn off the slobs
4:56 am
among us but not al yam and wendy. >> would you live if that personally? >> i know can i because i'm living in a small space now and this is more efficient. mayor bloomberg stressed need. nearly half new york is single, many live alone and the city cit expects to add one million residents in the next 20 years. something must change. the prototypes on displayplay provide a few suggestions. >> this becomes your diningng table.e. >> in east harlem, fox 5 news. >> all right.ll let's look at this now a ferrari convertible selling for $27.5 million. >> what? wh >> it was made in 1967 and one of just ten of its kind in the world. the price tag is the kind ever paid for a street legal vehicle. the identity of the buyer has not been revealed. re i would be ashamed to reveal my
4:57 am
identity. >> can you imagine how muchuch money you have if you pay $27 million for this.. >> wow. >> yeah coming up first day back to school for one of largest districts in the region.s >> what changes inare in store r prince george's county schools.y >> it was a murder case that t shocked a community. 19-year-old vanessa fah last seen on video leaving a shopping center. today another development in the case. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment.
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>> good morning, everyone. straight up 5:00 on this mondaym august 19. not a bad start to your workweee and school week. some of you heading back to school today. tod frederick county and prince george's county schools going sh back today. get ready to go. good i'm sarah

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